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Passive Income


Sit back and collect your monthly/quarterly cash flow distributions. Once the property is sold or repositioned (3-7yrs), you receive your investment and percentage of appreciation from the sale.

4 Key steps to buying

That protects principal and drives attractive returns

Identify Market


Identify and Purchase Value-Add Asset





Market - The first thing we do is identify emerging markets that have strong growth indicators, such as: job growth, growing populations and households, business-friendly local governments, and big box, retail, malls,  etc.

Acquisition - We are able to buy  value-add assets because our experienced sponsors have great relationships with local brokers that often bring off market deals to our team. We also subscribe to conservative underwriting which takes into all the various financial situations so that acquisition and operations numbers protect our investors funds.

Operations - We partner with experienced local Property Managers who are skilled at cutting expenses and increasing NOI (net operating income), while leveraging their economies of scale to get good pricing on landscaping, utilities, etc.

Liquidity/Distributions - Now that we've done all the heavy lifting, our investors can sit back and collect monthly/quarterly distributions on the monthly cash flow. Then, upon sale of the property (usually 5-7 years), the investor get's their initial investment back, plus their percentage of the appreciation from the sale.

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